There the rules if you break them, you have to serve the consequences.

1) No being mean to other users.

2) No cussing, unless it is used in the books.

3) No detailed mating.

4) No creating a clan, tribe or groups without asking an admin, or the founder, User:Splashcloud

5) You can skip time while roleplaying as long as the users you are roleplaying with agree, unless it has to do with a prophecy.

Rules for admins:

6) No banning someone without a good reason. Post a notice on their profile and then wait one day before banning, so if there was a mistake, the person has a change to say something in their defense.

Note for EVERYONE: These rules could change once I think of more. Also, clan, group or tribe owners can add their own rules for their clan, group, or tribe. A few example are, some people might not allow apprentices to expect kits, or cats to mate outside their clan, tribe, or group. Rules that those are up to the owner of the group, clan, or tribe to decide.